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Catania, Sicily – Overview

Catania is best known for the drastic ups and downs that it has been enduring over the years and despite all the hardships is still in existence. From earthquakes to volcanic eruptions (from Mt. Etna) to plague to ‘selling its whole population as slaves’, Catania has braved it all and despite falling so many times, has always stood again to start anew. Though the image of Catania is overpowered by talks of its immense traffic and filth, Catania, known for its epic reemergence is set to earn back its lost charm. Home to popular taverns which serve wine, designer restaurants, and fashionable boutiques; it is reassuring to see that many of its areas are undergoing renovation and many of its historic buildings have been scrubbed to bring some of their formerly charm back.

Best Places to Visit in Catania, Sicily

Piazza del Duomo

Piazza Del Duomo is a city square in Catania; it is one of the most visited tourist attraction of the city and keeping that in mind, to keep the worst of traffic away from the visitors, traffic has been barred from entering the Piazza del Duomo. This Piazza which glimmers owing to the renovations it received at the beginning of the 21st century is most famous for the elephant – carved out of lava-rocks – which sit at the heart of Piazza on an Egyptian monolith. This elephant is so iconic that it is Catania’s informal mascot and in Sicilian dialect, it bears the name of "u Liotru". The Piazza lies close to various points of interests like the ‘fish market’ – to which its acts as the entrance to – Via Garibaldi and Porta Garibaldi; the latter one is an arc structure which was built in 1768 to mark the marriage of Ferdinando I of the Two Sicilies and Maria Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine.

Centro Storico

Centro Storico aka the Old Town is the historic center of Catania and is best known for its splendid structure – the best example of Baroque architecture in the whole of Sicily – which and has been constructed solely using lava rocks. The historic center of Catania is a pedestrian area which starts from Piazza Del Duomo and is the meeting places of all the main streets of the city that makes their way from Etna, Garibaldi, Vittorio Emanuele and Crociferi. Though Centro Storico has many things to look forward to, some of its most noted places are Greco-Roman theater, Roman amphitheater, Castello Ursino and of course, the much-loved "u Liotru".

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