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Are you searching for a car rental in Turin? Since there are so many things to explore in this Italian city, your decision to book car hire in Turin will certainly prove a fruitful one. Alamo, Sixt, Europcar, Maggiore, Hertz, and Locauto are some of the names behind our quality car rental fleet in Turin. Having a car hire will also help you cover several other Italian cities as the motorways here are the quickest way to travel from one city to another. Therefore, book your car hire in Turin today and enjoy the best of this Italian beauty in absolute comfort.

Turin - A brief overview

Also called Torino, Turin is best known as a business, intellectual, administrative and cultural hub, Turin is also famous as Italy’s capital of occult and black magic. The most interesting site is Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, where the relic - Sacra Sindone has been housed. It is said to be the actual burial shroud of Jesus Christ. Over the years it has attracted a lot of controversies because as per the radiocarbon dating tests, the cloth was found to be from the Middle Ages.

Points of interest in Turin

Museo Egizio

Housed in Palazzo dell'Accademia Delle Scienze, Museo Egizio is a museum that specializes in Egyptian anthropology and archeology. With 30,000 artifacts under its roof, it is home to the biggest collection of Egyptian art in Italy. The ultimate "Who’s Who" of ancient Egypt - its sculpture gallery is one of the main highlights of Museo Egizio and was designed by Dante Ferretti who is an Oscar-winning production designer. Amidst a collection, which consists of the entire tomb of Kha, various mummies, and frescos – that were removed whole from royal tombs – there are also statues of various Pharos, out of which 13th-century statue of Ramses II is the most striking.

Basilica of Superga

Designed by Filippo Juvarra and built from 1917 to 1931 for the Duke of Savoy, Victor Amadeus II of Savoy, the Basilica of Superga is a Baroque church, which has been the burial place of kings. The temple front is larger than what was typical of that era because it rests on the hill. It is said that the Duke wanted the church to be perched on the hill in line with the Savoy Castle. Later on, the triangle was completed by the construction of Stupinigi.

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