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Treviso is often known as ‘Little Venice’, thanks to its beautiful walled historic center and weeny canals. With a cheap car rental from us, you can not just explore Treviso, but also tour the charming towns of Trieste, Belluno, and Venice. A Treviso car hire also gives you an edge over other modes of transport, as you can exercise full control over your Italian adventure.

Booking car rental in Treviso with us is a simple and easy process. All you have to do is fill our simple booking form, compare the best available deals, and make a one-tap reservation. In fact, you can connect with our 24/7 booking support and reserve Treviso car rental over a telephonic conversation. Pre-book your deal and enjoy additional benefits and exclusive discounts.

Treviso - A brief overview

Unlike any other Italian city, Treviso doesn’t depend on tourism alone as it is a great place to experience authentic Veneto life, away from the tourist crowds. The town is circumscribed within town walls and by waterways and features pretty canals, narrow cobbled streets, and frescoed churches. Though it is not as happening as the glamorous Venice, it’s definitely worth a pleasant day trip.

Treviso boasts of a prolific range of Italian restaurants, cafes, shops, squares, and cultural spots. In fact, the town is home to Benetton, one of the major clothing empires, and numerous other major brands, including Lotto Sports Italia, De’Longhi, and Pinarello.

Attractions to visit in Treviso

City Walls and Gates

Treviso is circumscribed within well-preserved 15th-century walls, but it’s certainly not the first. Treviso was a Roman city and they protected it from attack using these walls and the River Sile that flows alongside these walls. The present-day walls were built by Venetians (Winged lions on the imposing gates testify the fact). As Treviso was Venice’s stronghold, they used walls to protect any invasions from the north.

San Nicolo

Built during the 13th and 14th centuries, the Dominican church of San Nicolo is settled at the southwest corner of the old town. It is a spacious Gothic church that features round piers and an unusual restored vaulted timber roof.

Canals and Water Mills

Treviso is surrounded by two rivers and their water seeps into a series of canals and tiny waterways that wander beautifully throughout the city. Houses rise directly above these canals. In addition to that, you’ll also find occasional waterwheel, a remnant of those that once drove mills throughout the city. You’ll have to search for them while walking around the city, but you can always find one near the Pescheria, the fish market.


Pescheria is a bustling morning fish market and a must visit in Treviso. Until the mid-1800s, there were three small yet distinctive islands in the midst of the town, where fishermen from Burano used to sell their fish. Later, these three islands were joined, and a result, a proper fish market was built on one little island. The market is surrounded by elegant old buildings, and recently, a few attractive contemporary structures of fish and mermaids had also been added to the river.

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