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Booking a car rental in Bologna was never this easy. At our booking engine, we bring you a variety of car hire deals for Bologna. Since we make sure that each deal is offered at a great price, finding the deal that best suits your budget shouldn't be a problem. Whether you are looking for a compact economy car, a luxury one, or a multi-seater, you will find our car hire fleet in Bologna to be more than enough. So, fill the form given above, search your Bologna car rental and explore the city and its loved attractions – its Iconic towers, Asinelli, Piazza Maggiore, or the Portici – in the luxury and comfort that you deserve.

Bologna - A brief overview

The Land of the towering medieval towers and exceptional cuisines, Bologna is counted among some of the best 'well-kept secrets' in Italy. Bologna is a gem when it comes to a rich history and culture. Located in Italy's Emilia-Romagna Region, Bologna has been an urban center from the very beginning. Today also, it is one of the country's biggest metropolitan areas. And, interestingly, because of its unmatched agricultural prosperity, it is still called 'Bologna the Fat' – a title that it was bestowed in the Middle Ages.

Points of interest in Bologna

Santo Stefano

Situated on the Piazza Santo Stefano, this magnificent basilica consists of a compound that houses four to seven religious buildings. Since all of them are churches, it is also known as Sette Chiese, which means Seven Churches. As per historical records, there used to be a temple of Egyptian Goddess Isis on the very site where Santo Stefano stands. The construction of this place began in the 5th century by Saint Petronius. The oldest structures in the Basilica are Santi Vitale e Agricola and Cortile di Pilato. The most notable structure is San Sepolcro Church and its beehive-shaped building, which is home to the Nativity scene, a popular attraction among the children of Bologna.

Basilica Di San Petronio

The most interesting fact about this 132-meters-long and 66-meters-wide Gothic Cathedral, which dominates Piazza Maggiore, is that its construction began in 1390 but even after a span of more than 600 years it is still a far cry from completion! As per history, Curia of Sancti Ambrosii, along with other ancient fortresses and Churches, was flattened to make room for the Cathedral. The insides of the church consist of 'A Madonna with saints', a Pietà, a choir, and the Fabbrica.

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