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Visiting the port City of Bari is a wonderful experience and it can be made better by driving around the beautiful town in a fuel-efficient rental car. Pre-book a car hire for Bari online now and grab a big discount. You can also opt for some useful add-ons like navigation systems to guide you through the city, or extra child seats to keep your kids safe. Our customer support team is efficiently trained and ready to help you 24x7 in case you run into any troubles while booking a rental car for Bari.

About Bari

The capital Italy's Puglia Region, Bari is a famous port city that welcomes tourists with open arms. The city sits facing the Adriatic Sea and is a magnificent place to visit in Italy. Bari offers views of beautiful and rich green villages, and well-preserved castles and cathedrals. Bari is also known to be one of the exit points of Italy, and people can leave the country on ferries and boats to travel to its neighbor countries. The city also gets a lot of Russian visitors because of the city's connection with Saint Nicholas, who was the patron saint of Russia as well as Bari.

Tourist attractions in Bari

Basilica di San Nicola

The church dedicated to Saint Nicholas welcomes orthodox Catholics from Russia and Eastern Europe and holds major religious importance. It is one of the finest architectural buildings in Bari and is a beauty to look at. The place also houses important religious sculptures which make the site even more culturally significant.

Orto Botanico dell'Università di Bari

This botanical garden owned and operated by the University of Bari houses a variety of plants and is a popular site to visit. The place houses regional, medicinal, ornamental and herbal plants and also holds regular researches. The place is open to the general public only on weekdays.

Castello Normanno-Svevo

The castle built in the 1100s by Norman King Roger II is now used for temporary art exhibitions. The castle was destroyed in 1156 and then rebuilt in 1233 and since then gone through numerous transformations. The place was also used as a prison in the 15th century, but now holds the status of a museum and is visited by people frequently.

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