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‘Is renting a car in Palermo a good decision?’ Indeed; since Palermo is literally the ‘best’ when it comes to Italian cities, it deserves to be explored thoroughly, and that is only possible in a car rental. A Palermo car rental from us will give you the freedom to roam about the city as per your wish and would make sure that your journey completes in absolute comfort. We value your time and money, that is why our Palermo car rental suppliers provide access to cheapest prices, even on premium vehicles, and since variety is humongous and our booking engine is quick, finding the one that suits your budget usually never take long. Our Palermo car rental fleet includes various luxury and economy models available in petrol/diesel as well as manual/automatic counterparts. Hence visit attractions like Palazzo Dei Normanni or Palermo Cathedral with leisurely blithe, and since you will have a car rental at your beck and call, you would also be able to reach beach escapes like Cefalu and Pellegrino, if you want to, in no time. You can book your Palermo car rental online or by phone, whatever suits you best.

Palermo, Italy – Overview

It is interesting to note that at one time Palermo, in Southern Italy, was the intellectual capital of Europe. It is a great place if you want to experience different cultures in one unique setting; sitting at the foot of Monte Pellegrino, it is home to numerous cultures –Arabian, Christian, Byzantine, and Jewish – whose impressions can be seen all over the city in the form of art and historic structures. Outdoor markets to street bazaars, exceptional public squares to parks and from small churches to grand Cathedrals, Palermo is certainly a ‘sight to behold’.

Places to Visit in Palermo, Sicily

Piazza Pretoria

Also known as the Square of Shame, Piazza Pretoria is a square centerpiece located on the verges of the district of Kalsa. Interestingly it got its name ‘square of shame’ because of the fact that this square is home to various sculptures and figurines which are stark nude; the Palermitans were so shocked to see all this at the opening day of this structure in 1575, such that they called it the ‘Fountain of Shame’, a nickname which has survived time.

La Martorana:

Also called the Co-Cathedral of St. Mary of Admiral, Martorana – constructed in 1143 and sitting opposite to Palermo’s Piazza Bellini – is best known for its strikingly graceful Norman bell tower. Its western wall has some of the oldest and well-preserved mosaics that date back to the Norman era. One of the mosaics near the entrance to the church portrays King Roger II where he has been depicting wearing a Byzantine stole highly decorated with jewels, and the same sort of robes are worn by the archangels depicted along the ceiling. Sitting adjacent, San Cataldo –known for its simplicity – is absolutely opposite of La Martorana’ attractiveness.

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