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Brindisi is an important city in the Apulia region of Italy, because of its natural port location in the Adriatic Sea. The city holds major importance because of regular trades with Greece and the Middle East via the port. Brindisi has a mild climate and is perfect for a visit any time of the year. The city has a beautiful coastline with stunning white sand beaches which is the top spot for tourists. The city also has very fertile land and is big on agricultural production.

Places to Visit

Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia

The “Monument to the Italian Sailor” is a 53 metre high rudder monument on the port of Brindisi made of reinforced concrete and is stone gold in color. The monument was built to commemorate the 6,000 sailors who died during the First World War and 33,900 sailors who died in the Second World War.

San Giovanni Al Sepolcro

A peaceful place to worship, the church of San Giovanni at the Sepulchre was built in the 11th century. Although it is a church, but guided tours are also available for this historic stone building, where people can learn about the significance of the place. There are stunning figures and sculptures of fights between animals, both real and mythological, which makes the visit worth your time.

Colonne Romane

This monument is one of the most important places to visit in Brindisi. The column is 18m in height and is made of Proconnesian marble. Originally, there were two columns, but one of them collapsed in 1528, but one of them still remains, was dismantled and restored, and is visited by people all year.

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